ibattz Wanderlust



The ibattz Wanderlust 42W travel adapter - a compact device essential for your travels. Charges up to 5 devices simultaneously via the AC outlet and 4 USB ports. With USB PD and QC3.0 support on the type C output, juice up your mobile devices in an instant!

WARNING: Other low quality adapter with charging function could damage your device due to over-charging.

Compatible with most IT devices on the market. Support mobile phones and tablets from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, etc.

  • Push button resetting fuse
  • Child proof socket
  • Grounded system
  • Over-current protection
  • USB PD and QC3.0
  • EU/UK/US/AU compatibility (more than 150 countries)
  • 42W 4 x USB output (1 type C and 3 type A)

High-End Travel Adapter Comparison

  ibattz Wanderlust 42W Zendure Passport GO
Daiyo Travel World
Standard Price 60 SGD  80 SGD (59 USD)  38.90 SGD 
Special Price 33 SGD  53 SGD (39 USD)  38.90 SGD 
PD-C Power 30W  30W 15W 
Total Power  42W 30W 15W
Safety Ground Pin YES NO NO
Fuse Resettable  Resettable  Replace fuse 


What is USB PD?




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